Crossing Suite

2017 / For vocal soloists and orchestra

The Crossing Suite is a 30-minute suite, for vocal soloists and orchestra, drawn from my opera Crossing. You can read more about Crossing here.

The suite is intended to be modular: its five movements include sections both for vocal soloists (two baritones) and for chorus, but it is fine to excerpt certain movements based on the forces at hand. For example, if one baritone is available, an effective excerpt might consist of the “Prologue,” “The Sleepers,” and “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.”

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For vocal soloists and orchestra
Category: Chorus and Orchestra/Ensemble
Year Composed:2017
Commissioned by:Music Academy of the West
Duration:30 minutes
Chorus:6T, 6B
Soloist:Baritone, Bass-baritone
Past Performances

15 JULY 2017
Crossing Suite – World Premiere
Granada Theatre
Santa Barbara, CA
Academy Festival Orchestra
Matthew Aucoin, conductor
24, 25 & 27 JAN 2019
Crossing Suite
Copley Symphony Hall
San Diego, CA
San Diego Symphony
Performing Movements One and Four Only; Matthew Aucoin, conductor
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